Translation of a heart-rending Persian poem of Shaykh Ahmad Rida al-Qaadiri

Alahadrat Imam Ahmad Rida [may Allah have mercy upon him] was a master in prose and poetry. It is as if the host of vocabularies stood before him in submission like the servants before the king. He was a polymath scholar. He had mastery over various subjects and its branches, poetry being one of them. This poem is in the Persian language closely resembling the well-known Tanam Farsooda Jaa Paara written by Mawlana Abdur Rahman Jaami [may Allah nourish him with Paradise] way back in the 15th century.

Our elderly saints have indicated that if this poem is recited with sincerity it brings about solace and bliss in the times of adversity and corruption. Therefore, this humble seeker of knowledge presents the Ummah with a translation for those who may intend to recite this inherently wondrous work of emotion with sincerity.

The theme of this poem is brimmed with ecstatic longing for the Prophet [salAllahu Alayhi Wasallam] in the time of difficulty. Imam Ahmad Rida, as if unleashing a flood of his emotional heart, has indeed enraptured every word with the plea for the Holy Prophet [SalAllahu Alayhi Wasallam]. The poem has been translated with a rhythmic tone and as closely related to the Persian words as possible. Often translations do no rhyme; but due to the importance of expressing the emotion; the translation has this quality.

May Allah Ta’ala gift us sinners with a drop from that flood!


Download link of the poem here:

Ya RasulAllah Aghithnee


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