40 Litanies for Protection

All Praise and Glory is for Allah Almighty, the Guardian, the Mighty. Salutations and benedictions in abundance be upon our Beloved Messenger - Sayyiduna Muhammad Al Mustafa [salAllahu Alayhi Wasallam]. Seeking refuge and protection in Allah Ta’ala, from things that may harm us, is the noble way of the Messenger of Allah [salAllahu Alayhi Wasallam].... Continue Reading →

40 Litanies for Rizq

These litanies are extracted from Majmua e Aamaal e Raza  of Imam Ahmad Rida and Hisn Al Haseen of Imam Jazari [may Allah be pleased with them]. Released on the occasion of the URS of my Master, the Patron, the Light of Saints, Shaykh Abul Hussayn Ahmad e Nuri [may Allah sanctify his noble secrets]. May Allah... Continue Reading →

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