Ajmeri Press has been founded by Mawlana Tehseen Raza Hamdani who currently resides in a city of Rustenburg, South Africa.

He has also founded a Madrasah, in conjunction with the Rustenburg Moulood Committee, in Rustenburg. It is called Manzar e Islam; naming it after the legendary Islamic institution established by Imam Ahmad Rida Khan Al-Qaadiri [may Allah be pleased with him] in Bareilly.

Mawlana Tehseen Raza is currently rendering various books of Ahlus Sunnah into the English language. The work that requires in translation can only be realized by the translator himself. It requires precision, accuracy, reference works, necessary notations to difficult expression, appropriate idioms and tones and a reasonable source of vocabularies.

He is the disciple of Taajush Shari’ah Shaykh Akhtar Rida Khan Al-Qaadiri [may Allah preserve him] and a student of various scholars including Ashraful Fuqaha Shaykh Mujib Ashraf Ridawi and Munaazir e Ahl e Sunnat Allama Abdus Sattar Hamdani. He is a graduate of Islamic scholarship and as well as degree holder of Pharmacy from the South African University of Witwatersrand. The Mawlana is writer and an orator in both English and Urdu languages.

May Allah Ta’ala grant him success and ability to serve the Deen of Islam!



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