All praise is for Allah, the Creator and Cherisher of the Universe.

The following journal of the Imam of the Muslims, Alahadrat Shaykh Ahmad Raza Al-Qaadiri – may Allah be pleased with him, was written in 1320 AH – a staggering 120 years ago. There was a need for an epistle like this to educate the Muslims to avoid unsuitable names. Parents wish to provide their children with names that are unique in pronunciation, as to achieve a sense of uniqueness in the society. This may be disastrous for the child and the household itself because names have inherent influences. If the meaning is good then goodness will flourish, and if there is evil in its meaning then evil may lurk. This happens by the Will of Allah Ta’ala. Hence, Muslims should keep suitable names that are found in the Hadith, or the names of the Pious, and avoid inappropriate names for which the meanings are either inapt or unknown.

May Allah Ta’ala cause this compilation to become beneficial for all the believers!

Salutations in abundance be upon His Eminence – Hadrat Muhammad Al-Mustafa {ﷺ} and his noble Family, his blessed Companions and his obedient Friends.

Dust beneath the feet of the Saints

Tehseen Raza Hamdani Nuri

Download your copy here:

An Nur wa Ziya

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