The Pristine Prohibition of the Reverential Prostration

In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Merciful

This magnificent literature clarifies the position of Imam Ahmad Rida Al-Baraylawi – may Allah be pleased with him –  in relation to bowing and prostrating before a grave or a saint. It elaborates the pristine prohibition issued by the Shar’iah and dismisses the wrongful accusations of the Ahl Al-Bid’a towards the noble Imam of the Ahl As-Sunnah and his supporters. For many years of absolute heresy, this epistle will destroy the debauchery of the opponents of Imam Ahmad Rida Al-Baraylawi. The opponents held the ‘grave worship’ excuse to discredit the works of the noble Imam, in the western world. But not anymore because Imam Ahmad Rida, may Allah be pleased with him, has clearly dictated:

Sajdah [prostration] is of two types: worship [sajdah e ibaadat] and reverence [sajdah e taazimi]. Sajdah e Ibaadah for anyone, besides Allah, is disbelief [kufr]; and Sajdah e Taazimi for anyone, be it a grave or a person, is highly prohibited in the Sacred Law of the Final Prophet, Sayyiduna Muhammad Al-Mustafa [salAllahu alayhi wasallam]. To bow [like that of Ruku] before a grave or to prostrate before a grave – is Haraam. It is worse than drinking alcohol and consuming pork. Prostration is only for Allah Ta’ala, in the direction of the Qibla. This is the Sacred Law of the Final Messenger of Allah [saAllahu alayhi wasallam]. 

Download your free copy here:

The Pristine Prohibition

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