40 Advices of Shaykh Abd Al-Qaadir Al-Jilaani [may Allah be pleased with him]

Alhamdulillah, it is with great pleasure to present the summarized and concise booklet that aims to advise the readers with the words of wisdom from the great Ghawth, Shaykh Abd Al Qaadir Al Jilaani [may Allah be pleased with him].

Almost a thousand years have passed since the demise of the noble Shaykh, yet his words penetrate the deepest folds of our hearts and render its reader ecstatic with repentance and spirituality. His words, though concise, are filled with oceans of knowledge and wisdom. From the basics of one’s faith to the peak of spiritual illumination – the noble Shaykh has left no stone unturned for the seekers and sinners alike.

May Allah Ta’ala accept this work and allow the readers to taste the sense of rapture from the commanding tone of the noble Shaykh!

Download the book here:

40 advices of Shaykh Abd Al Qaadir

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