Book Launch – 40 Prophetic Narrations on Salaah

Five times Salaah is obligatory on every sane, mature, Muslim male and female. The attendance of congregational Salaah for menfolk is Waajib. One of the deficiencies in modern times is the emptiness of our Sunni Masaajid. We need to educate with wisdom and encourage Sunni Muslims with good character to attend the five times daily Salaah in their local Sunni Mosques. This is one of the ways in which we will ensure the protection of our proper Islamic beliefs and acquire the necessary knowledge from the company of the pious Ulama.

Released for the Esaal e Thawaab of my Shaykh, the crown of Islam, the Qaadhi and Mufti, Hazrat Akhtar Raza Al-Azhari [may Allah have mercy on him]. These 40 Narrations have been taken from the primary books of Hadith. There are great virtues in reciting and memorizing 40 Hadith of Nabi SalAllahu alayhi wasallam.

May Allah Ta’ala accept it.

Tehseen Raza Hamdani [Nuri]

Download book here:

40 Hadith on Namaaz

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