Keeping names in other languages


This question is for the scholars – what to do they say about a person who has kept names of his children in three different languages; Arabic, English and Hindi. The boy’s name is Muti’ul Islam, the other son’s name is Polish and the girl’s name is Kunwal Devi. When this person is admonished on this issue he replies that this is simply a matter of language whereas the meanings of the name are not bad. Please assist in this and earn virtues.


This action of his is satanic. Allah Ta’ala said:

یاایھاالذین اٰمنواادخلوا فی السلم کافۃ ولاتتبعواخطوات الشیطٰن انہ لکم عدومبین

O you who believe! Enter into Islam completely and do not follow the footsteps of the Devil. Indeed, he is an open enemy to you” [Holy Qur’an; 2:208]

It is stated in Tahtawi alal Durr Al Mukhtaar and in Abu Sa’ood al Azhar alal Kanz:

قسم یختص بالکفار کجرجس وپطرس ویوحنا، فھذا لایجوز للمسلمین التسمی بہ لما فیہ من المشابھۃ

“Another category of names is related to the disbelievers; such as the names Jarjees, Patrice and Yuhaana. It is not permissible for the Muslims to keep such names because there is resemblance to the disbelievers in this action”

[Haashiya Tahtaawi Alal Durr al Mukhtaar, Kitaab Al Jihaad]

واﷲ تعالٰی اعلم

[Fataawa Ridawiyya, Volume 22, Kitaab al Khatr wal Ibaaha, Question 265]

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