The Scorching Star [2nd Edition]- Book Launch

All praise is for Allah Almighty.

Salutations upon our Master; Hadrat Muhammad [sallAllahu alayhi wasallam]

The epistle, Al-Kawkabatush Shihaabiya fi Kufriyaat Abil Wahaabiya, is indeed a scorching star on the infidelities of Ismail Dehlawi – the founding individual who imported Wahaabism into Asia. This, he succeeded, by tanslating the infamous Kitaab at-Tawhid authored by the 18th century Khaariji – Muhammad ibn Abdul Wah’aab of Najd. Dehlawi renamed the book as ‘Taqwiyatul Imaan‘ [fortress of faith], but in reality; this book was the cause of Tafyatul Imaan [destroyer of faith].

It has been the distinct quality of the Khawaarij to renegade with and dispel all the Muslims, save those who were affiliated with their group, as idolaters. All of this transpired before the time of Imam Ahmad Rida [may Allah have mercy on him]; thus allowing this fact to become manifest that the Muslim Ummah was torn apart by the likes of Najdi and Dehlawi. This majestic epistle illustrates the perspicacity of Imam Ahmad Rida in which he efficiently causes the structure of Taqwiyatul Imaan and the paradox ideologies of its author to collapse with a thundering clap. Utilizing the sword of the Qur’anic verses, the shield of the Prophetic narrations and the spear of the pious jurists – Imam Ahmad Rida has defended the honour and majesty of the Messenger of Allah SalAllahu alayhi wasallam!

Hereby, I present you with the second edition of ‘The Scorching Star‘ – highly improved with footnotes, literature and reference. May Allah accept it!

Download here:

The Scorching Star

One thought on “The Scorching Star [2nd Edition]- Book Launch

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  1. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    جزاكم الله خيرا
    In the title page it is written
    “Ashshaikh AlIslam”. Although I think it may be correct according to Arabic grammer.
    لأنه صفة اضيف إلى معمولها. فيجوز إدخال الالف واللام على المضاف.
    But it is commonly used as
    “Shaikh AlIslam”.


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